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Our team of accountants at ALPHANUMO can help your SMEs and charities grow, by providing all that your business needs from a Finance Lead.


Fazlur Rahman 


 Chartered Management Accountant

Meeting Room Business

Computerized Accounting

An accurate and well kept set of books is a great start to running a successful business.

We can introduce appropriate affordable computerised accounting packages to suit your business needs.

These accounting records will enhance accuracy and support the auditors to fulfil their tasks in a fraction of their time.

Graphical Visual Reports

Not every entrepreneur can understand numerics.

So we can help you overcome this by introducing graphical elements in your reports. Displaying your data in graphical formats will be visually appealing and enhance your usability.


These reports can genuinely help in your key decision making.

Analysing Business Growth

The strategies for achieving growth can vary significantly based on the industry, market conditions, competition, and the company's unique strengths and weaknesses.

We can provide you tailored MIS report in understanding your performance based on the KPIs considering factors such as your product mix, competition, marketing strategies, product portfolio, operational efficiency, customer services and more. 

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